How to Request the Best Custom Pool Proposal

Not all pool design proposals are created equally. Many pool builders will offer a basic proposal that includes the same kind of pool that was built 50 years ago, in order to keep the initial price low.

If your proposal only includes basic tile, coping, and surface materials in your base price, with a long menu of optional items at the end, it may not represent the pool of your dreams.

In fact, it might leave you with lots of surprises, like a longer excavation than expected, with you paying extra by the hour.

To get the best custom pool proposal at a price that you expect, be sure to request things like:

  • A consultation with a professional, experienced pool designer (not only a sales person)
  • A materials manager to help you select and purchase your tile, stone, and other personal touches, from a
    single showroom
  • A single project manager to guide the project end to end
  • 3D designs (not only sketches) by an experienced San Diego pool designer
  • 21st century technology, including remote controls for your lights, pool pump, water features, and heater, with
    training on how to use them
  • Necessary maintenance systems, like pool cleaners, salt chlorine generating systems, and automatic water
  • Guaranteed number of hours to excavate the site (as an example, 10-16 hours are typically not be enough
    for your pool excavation) included in the contract
  • Upgraded tile, coping, and surface options, instead of the basics

These are only a few of the premium options that we believe should be included in a long-lasting, modern custom-designed pool in the 2020s. When you receive multiple bids, be sure the bottom line includes everything you want and need.

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